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Some Of My Favorite Freeware
Available for downloading!

Call Center - Fax- Send-Receive, Voice mail
works threw your modem to send and receive faxs. You can also pick up up voice messages from the call center.Awsome interface. Easy to install and easy to use. Requires win 95 or higher.
This versatile accounting package is designed for the small business or home office. It is full-featured, easy to use, and completely free. It includes a general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and an invoicing and order-entry system. Reports can be exported directly to Microsoft Office and Corel WordPerfect.

Version 3.0 is loaded with new features and options including the ability to send client statements by e-mail, cash or accrual basis of accounting, improved data entry, extensive use of graphs, and much more.

Check Printing Software 2000

"Check Printing Software 2000 prints MICR checks for USA and Canadian banks from blank check stock and can also create pre-printed bank checks for accounting applications including Quicken, QuickBooks or Microsoft Money. Version 2 now supports personal and business sized checks, and best of all it is FREE."


Time Stamp is a handy free utility to track time spent on various projects. To start timing, you click on the toolbar, menu item, or tasktray icon. If you are interrupted but want to continue overall timing, there is a slack time feature that suspends timing during the interruption. Set your hourly rate, and the program computes the charge at the closing of the log entry. You can manually change billing rate and edit any timed entry in the log. You can add a limited number of identifying notes such as a task description or client name. Other options include: load on start, choose a default log, autosave at intervals, pick from a most-recently-used list, and display reports to screen or printer. If simple, low-overhead timing is what you want, here is a free solution."

Mail Cleaner

MailCleaner keeps the users computer safe from viruses, preventing attacks through email. MailCleaner is the best way to protect the computer from viruses sent to the machine via Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express e-mail reader. (web based mail and other mail readers available soon). MailCleaner will prevent any known viruses from entering the users mail box and will notify him every time someone is trying to send him a virus within a mail message. MailCleaner Internet professional searchers are responsible to constantly update the mail viruses list so MailCleaner can keep the mail messages containing them out of the users computer. MailCleaner is a Free software.






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